8.7 Omar Makram ”An Ex-Muslim’s Jihad against PoMo”

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Omar's back and as coherent as ever!

Omar’s back and as coherent as ever!

In this episode of DEKONSTRUKTIV KRITIK, or DECONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM, en anglais as they say in french. By which I mean that this episode will be in English. I am your host – and my name is Aron Flam – as you may have seen on the Rubin Report, whom I have interviewed on this podcast before, or maybe at Gad Saad?

Whom I have also had on this podcast.

DECONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM is normally in Swedish but some episodes are in english as with todays guest Omar Makram.

Omar has been a guest on my podcast before you see. This was when I still numbered the episodes by the laws of meta-physics why mentioning exactly what episode it is would be the only way for you to find it.

Omar had just fled his native country of Egypt after “discovering” atheism and in order to get to stay in Sweden he burned a Quran, filmed it, and put it on youtube. He did that to prove to the Swedish immigration services that he could not return to Egypt for fear of his life. Anyway, the episode was called

4.X&% Omar Makram Anti – Theist Ex – Muslim

I apologize profusely for the previous system by which I named episodes, but it’s always easy to judge an idea in hindsight, and at the time, the idea to number the episodes according to the laws of meta physics, i.e randomly, had sounded good to me for some reason?

4.X&% Omar Makram Anti-Theist Ex Muslim was recorded over skype so video of that conversation can be also be found on youtube with the much easier headline “Aron Flam’s DEKONSTRUKTIV KRITIK featuring Ex-Muslim Omar Makram”

– where we compensate for the sound in the podcast by showing our handsome faces on video.

Today Omar has gotten his permanent residency and works for GAPF – which stand for Never Forget Pela and Fadime – two girls that fell victim to honor violence. GAPF is the national association against honor related violence in Sweden. 

This episode is about postmodernism – and Omars new Jihad against it. Omar had written a few articles about the connection between Islamism and third wave feminism – and since I have a few thoughts on that subject myself I thought I’d invite him to talk about it. Omar seems convinced that the common source is found in postmodernism.

I also like to thank you for swishing. It helps this operation going in it’s struggle to crush socialism in Sweden and hopefully – by doing so – getting rid of one of the few arguments the international left still has to support their cause – that it is socialism that made Sweden rich rather than selling Iron ore to the Nazis during war.

And that both islamists and feminists are pushing their agenda forward. Last week Sweden made every citizen a retrospective rapist by passing a new law on how we define sexual consent. From July 1st having sex with someone without their explicit consent in Sweden will be illegal. According to the Local

It used to be that a person had to say no or otherwise oppose a sexual advance but now the shoe is on the other foot and you need a clear yes before advancing. This means that unless the sex is fully voluntary, it will be considered a criminal act, whether or not violence or threats were used. It also means that sex that hasn’t been so before… Well – you get the picture.

Intent will no longer have to be to proven, which means an alleged offender could be convicted even if he or she did not actively intend to rape the victim. 

It might sound insane. But in a way I think it’s good. Because now it is adapted to everything else here in the upside down – where weakness is strength and stupidity is intelligence.

How did we get into this mess in the first place? Part of the explanation might be found in the following conversation with the very intelligent, brave, and handsome – Omar Makram! Enjoy!


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