The Aryan & The Jew #2

Listen to the episode here!

Listen to the episode here!

Second episode of The Aryan & The Jew, a podcast I have already started to think of as ”The Alexander Bard Sessions”. Alexander Bard can be followed on twitter under his nom de guerre @bardissimo or facebook

Apart from an earlier life as a pop star and a TV-personality he is the author of several books and a philosopher in his own right focusing on the melding of man and technology. The episode can be heard here.

The Swedish Election

We swedes now get a feel of how Americans must have felt in the election between trump and Hillary. Or what a Brit must have felt when asked to choose between the EU and BREXIT.

Swedes are faced with a choice between the traditional parties, who have all failed miserably, lied to us, continue lying to us, and refuse to even admit to the problems that are plain for anyone with eyes to see – or vote against them all. But that means voting for a party that up until very recently was neo-nazi.

And I wouldn’t exactly say that they have dealt with their past. But then again – nor have the social democrats. Who supported Nazi Germany during the war while clinging to the lie that Sweden was neutral during the war.

A lot of the problems Sweden is facing today can be traced back to not dealing with the guilt of the war.

If you’re abroad you can’t hear it but the silence here is huge. It’s always big. The silence. But it has never been this big. The lack of sound is deafening. It is the sound of the Swedish consensus shifting. I recognize it from the closing of the border in 2015.

There’s no real debate, hardly any discussion. It is just a big silent shift. Like a glacier sliding into the sea.

Sweden has never offered any surprises. Politically or otherwise. But especially not politically. Sweden is social democratic. It was borne out of social democracy and it seemed, until just a few years ago, that that would always be the case.

But a little over a year ago, on first of may – workers day – 2017, I started a little project labeled crush socialism.


And since then things has become increasingly absurd.

Sweden has real problems. Retired people not being able to live on their pensions. Unemployment – with a clear ethnic divide. A failing welfare state. Medical access is dropping. Available treatments as well. Schools are failing. Violent crime is sky rocketing. So are gang rapes. Islamism has a firm foothold in the country. Islamists control parts of towns. And have infiltrated established political parties.

Sossarna election fraud 1.png

But from watching the coverage of the election or the debates you wouldn’t think so. They seem focused on completely different issues.

Financial Times

Financial Times

I don’t believe it to be a conspiracy. It’s rather incompetence, or a lack of correct information, and an inability to deal with real problems after 250 years of peace and relative prosperity, but this is what has happened just the last week or so.

And in a little more than a week’s time I hope to declare victory over socialism in Sweden.

Victory over socialism won’t be declared on Facebook. Since I have been blocked for 30 days. Like a medieval court, or the trial of Josef K in Kafka, I have not been informed of the charges against me. Just that there have been charges against me.

I cannot appeal. Since I have been blocked from making comments.

When I log in I see a message that reads “Together we can counter fake news – we are removing fake accounts and are cooperating with fact checkers.”

They go on to inform me that they remove accounts, listen to “signals from their community”, and in “some countries” work with “third party fact checkers”. Content they consider “false” is given a lower priority in the feed.

I have no doubt that there are leftist activist groups mass reporting political opponents. But I have no proof.

And I don’t know which rule I’ve broken? If any. I have posted links to my own material. Which I don’t deem fake. They are my opinions. And I might be wrong but they are still real opinions that I hold.

And I’ve tried to share half an hour of satirical animated film about the political situation in Sweden. The genius behind this film is Jens Ganman. An author, satirist, and troubadour. He published it on youtube but it was taken down within an hour and labeled “hate speech”.


It is not hate speech. It is a satirical description of Swedish officialdom with authentic quotes from cartoon caricatures of our so-called leaders in politics and media. A blistering account of the incidents, and policy consequences, hidden from us and lied about by our own establishment.

The films name is “To make it right!”. A catchphrase added after every quoted lie. But since it was, perhaps, to honest, it was taken down and labeled hate speech. “To make it right!”

See? That’s the joke. That every lie is for your own good. “To make it right!”

A friend’s teenage son shared it on Facebook and got suspended as well. So that might be it?

Facebook is a private company and may do as they please. But currently Facebooks market penetration in Sweden exceeds fifty percent. It is in other words a very large public forum. It is the largest public forum for political discussion in the country. A forum I am now shut out from.


When I tried to pay for marketing of the latest episode of DECONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM, my other podcast, on Instagram the app told me that “This promotion can’t be created because the link has been blocked by our security systems”.

None of this comes as a surprise. Jonathan Lundqvist, head of “Reporters without borders” in Sweden, and previous guest on my podcast DECONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM, warned about a development such as this on said podcast and in a large article in the daily Dagens Nyheter.

Swedish government officials, as well as mainstream media which is subsidized by the government, have held talks with google. Specifically about its subsidiary youtube and gotten channels closed. Other times anonymous people at Google decide. There’s no chance of appeal.

And I know it is easy to brush this off as conspiracy or paranoia but… Then Swedish state television publicly branded Hanif Bali, an outspoken critic of the Swedish system, an alt-right collaborator.

It is pure character assassination. They claim, and I shit you not, that his tweeting is a threat to western liberal democracy. That Hanif Bali, by retweeting a meme of himself as a character from the computer game Call of Duty at war with the daily Dagens Nyheter, is threatening the entire western alliance.

The conspiracy theory they weave out of the exceptionally leading question “is Hanif Bali a threat to democracy?” is completely insane. The reasoning is that he might be inspired by alt-right memes and thus enabling the alt-right to take over the world and usher in global apartheid.

To prove it they interview the leaders of the Swedish alt-right movement. Who have never been happier. Because they were tiny. And want attention. And SVT, state television, willingly gives it to them. To build up a threat.

Extremists always want to eliminate the center. The grey areas in between extremes where most of life takes place. They do this so that nothing remains but the final battle. Pure and untainted by doubt.

Swedish state television don’t want to face Hanif with arguments or critical questions. They want to brand him a nazi and be done with it. For that they need Nazis. And Nordic alt-right willingly obliged. Win-win for Swedish state television and the Nordic alt-right. Lose-lose for Hanif Bali and democracy.

The thing is that State television has already written an article about the incidents which caused the scandal between Dagens Nyheter and Hanif Bali. Which the same state television then use out of context – in contradiction to their own article from a week before – to make Hanif Bali into someone who provokes Breivik-type violence against members of the press.

By associating Bali to the alt-right – they are implying that he is a Nazi and a racist. If you’re wondering what kind of swede would name their kid Hanif Bali? The answer is no one. Bali came to Sweden as refugee from Iran when he was a child. 

Hanif Bali is a moderate. An outspoken one, and merciless on twitter, but he stands for a pluralistic, secular, democratic, state. He is not even anti-immigration. He’s just against this complete failure of an immigration system. As a former immigrant himself. He would know.

Instead he is vilified in state media and media close to the government, thrown under the buss by his coalition partners, and not even half heartedly defended by his own party. 

Hanif Bali has also been a frequent guest on my podcast DECONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. Just like Jens Ganman.

And I know this sounds crazy enough as it is but then, just three days after, Swedish state television clusterfuck on Hanif they are a documentary about the alt-right in Sweden.

The angle is “are they a threat to democracy?”. They have interviewed Richard Spencer in America, they have had a reporter gone undercover for six months in the group – with nothing more to show for it than a few inappropriate drinking songs and cheers, but the only evidence to prove that this group is an enormous threat is provided by the group themselves. In the interviews. No attempt to contradict them or disprove them is made. And most embarrassing of all. When they present this to the Swedish FBI and ask them if they think it’s a threat. The analyst say no. It is not an immediate threat.

But at the end of the documentary they still manage to edit in yours truly, me, and Alexander Bard. The footage was filmed at an event this summer. At a political meet in Sweden – open to the public and anyone interested in politics of any ideology. The audience consisted of everyone and anyone. Among the visitors where the Swedish alt-right followed by Swedish state televisions camera team.

They edit in one of the alt-righters asking me a question, and Alexander speaking about freedom of speech and memes. Uncommented, without explaining what it is you’re seeing, to make it seem like me and Alexander are at some kind of alt-right meet. That we are leaders of the alt-right movement. And that its big.

I cannot speak for Alexander but I am not alt-right. And even though I cannot speak for Alexander. I know he’s not alt-right. He’s a gay philosopher. And I am a liberal, secular, atheist, jew. And the grandchild of holocaust survivors.

I have publicly many times said that I think Swedish state television should be closed down because it is weird that we are forced to pay for our own indoctrination. I have critized Swedish state television for covering up swedens support of Nazi Germany during World War 2. Instead they continue to claim that they were neutral. I have criticized them for lying about narcotics, Islamism, feminism, and the Israel-Palestinian conflict. I have accused them of being leftist. 

All these claims have been supported by proof. The response has been silence. And it is still silence. Just a passive aggressive, un-motivated and un-commented, indecent edit in a failed documentary about an imaginary nazi threat.

I am a person who has critized Swedish state television for being anti-semitic, sexist, incompetent, and completely incapable of being of objective. And now they respond by once again proving that they are wholly incapable of remaining objective. Or for that matter competent.

Real journalists who have worked hundreds of man hours on a project that didn’t pan out would let it go, or publish that nothing was found. Swedish state television instead uses it to prove my critique of them.

That they are now calling a metrosexual hillbilly – that’s Jens Ganman – a Kurdish dwarflord – that’s Hanif Bali – a homosexual philosopher pop-star – Alexander – and the grand child of holocaust survivors – that’s me – Nazis – just proves that they have completely lost it.

I should be mad that my own state television, that I grew up with, have worked at, and payed for – mostly against my will that’s true – but that it tries to label me a nazi should make me livid. But I am not. Nor I am surprised. This is an obvious sign of desperation.

They are panicking. Making me even more right than before that these people are not to be trusted, especially not in a crisis.

They are biased and care more for themselves than their viewers. Who also pay their salaries. And they know it. And they know that their viewers can see it.

By now the cracks in the façade of the famous welfare state is there for everyone to see. The social democrats have been accused of the opposition of dirty tricks. Their election material in Arabic disseminated in immigrant dense areas lie about the moderate party as well as the Sweden democrats saying they will outlaw halal and close down mosques.

The social democrats have long been suspected of importing immigrants and making them dependent on subsidies as voting cattle. This adds to the distrust even though the social democrats claim it is an isolated incident of low-level functionaries.

True is that several local candidates were forced to resign from the race and the party. And this happened in at least five cities. According to Financial Times false claims had been posted in Arabic and Somali. The lies were among others that rightwing parties were accusing muslim parents of crime to take their children away from them, and that they wanted to remove citizenship from anybody who arrived in Sweden after 1970.

In the end none of this will matter. Because come the ninth of September the Sweden Democrats, the upstart little naziparty that could, will probably become the biggest party. The social-democrats, all established parties, will be voted out.

We call the bribe that the social democrats has thrown out election pork. 

We call the bribe that the social democrats has thrown out election pork. 

And it will have nothing to do with me, or Alexander, Hanif, Jens or the alt-right.

Partly because no one has been more vilified by the establishment as much as the Sweden democrats. And as such voting for the Sweden democrats is the only way to show your disapproval.

But mostly they will be voted out for failing, miserably, with health care, with the education system, and immigration, for covering it up, and for lying about it.

If they don’t everything I have just told you will be considered treason as of first of January 2023.

Good unit of time and good luck!


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