Titania McGrath Vs Andrew Doyle

“When people are not granted the freedom to think for themselves, then you end up with a situation where they’re not able to appreciate art and satire.”

This episodes guest is in a way two people in one. Titania MacGrath is a twitter-personality who describe herself as “Activist. Healer. Radical intersectionalist poet. Selfless and brave.” Which is selling herself short. Titania is a fearless feminist fury against the Patriarchy, Whiteness, Climate change, facts, and comedy. One can but stand in awe of her selfrighteous righteousness and wonder how does one become so heroic as she? Luckily Titania MacGrath has just released a book called ”WOKE – A Guide to Social Justice” which instructs the reader on how and what to think – or in most cases not think – in order to avoid being a racist, misogynistic, capitalist asshole. New statesman’s review was not impressed Titania explains chapter by chapter how you can become a righteous warrior for justice without ever having to actually do anything but think the right way and demonstrate it by posting on social media. It’s not the same as doing nothing at all. It is something – and sometimes require poetry. Titania protests so much that one might suspect that she is satire. I have been following Titania since twitter blocked the account of Godwin Elfwick – another account so thoroughly PC it was deemed satire and had to be blocked. Titania has since filled the void and now she has even released a book. It is a riveting and very poignant read and today we talk with Titanias creator, comedian and writer Andrew Doyle, about the book he has written as his character Titania MacGrath. The conversation between me and Andrew took place over Skype so for you who want to see us there is video of the conversation after this short introduction. 

Andrew Doyle is a writer and comedian. He is the co-writer of Jonathan Pie, the spoof news reporter created by Tom Walker that has become a youtube-sensation with some clips exceeding 100 million views.

As a stand-up comedian Andrew Doyle has appeared at Edinburgh Fringe Festival, he has written plays for BBC’s radio 4, and so much more it would frankly taket o long to go through it all.

To sum up Andrew is an expert comedian and an expert on comedy and satire. Among other things he has done is an adaptation of Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels and he is currently working on an adaptation of Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn. He also regularly appears on Sky News as a commentor on politics and current affairs and is a regular columnist for Spiked online magazine.  

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