Gad Saads Parasitic Mind

Listen to the episode. CLICK HERE!

Listen to the episode. CLICK HERE!

This episodes guest is doctor Gad Saad and we’ll be talking about his new book “The Parasitic Mind: How Infectious Ideas Are Killing Common Sense” (to listen click here!)

Gad Saad has been a guest before and the links to those talks can be found in the description of this episode on my webpage

The Parasitic Mind is a well-formulated, even succinct, defense of reason in a world gone mad from woke. And Dr Gad Saad is particularly well suited to critique some of the worst anti-science and pseudo-science coming from the left. The book is the perfect read if you’re looking for arguments backed up with facts and evidence to counter trans-activism, feminism, and defense and/or apologia of Islamism. So I suggest you buy it and learn it by heart to become an hafiz in the madrasa of the Gadfather.

If you’re wondering what courtcase I and Gad Saad reference in the beginning of our talk then I am currently being prosecuted in appeals court for previously being acquitted of charges of copyright -infringement. This is the first episode in English for quite some time and since last you heard from me my own book that I wrote and published has been confiscated by Swedish police and I prosecuted for defaming a national symbol, supposedly. I won in the first instance. Hooray! Unfortunately the prosecutor has appealed and in a few months I will be tried in appeals court. I say this before you start to wonder since the case is briefly referenced in the beginning of the conversation between myself and Gad. I haven’t done an episode about it in English – yet. And this will not be the one. But if you’re curious about the book that has garnered such attention from the authorities there’s an English version and it’s called This Is A Swedish Tiger and its available as an e-book on amazon, and can be ordered as hardcopy on my webpage It is about the Swedish culture of silence and analyzes a Swedish joke from World War II. The joke is, and I quote, “A Swedish Tiger”. I know and it’s not particularly funny in Swedish either. In case that makes you as curious as the State of Sweden I encourage you to order THIS IS A SWEDISH TIGER from merchandise now.

I promise to do more episodes with English speakers as soon as I dare trust my recording abilities. This episode was recorded on Skype with video but alas the video feeds quality was too poor for broadcast so this recording is released in audio only. The sound is excellent. And so is my guest.  

Gad Saad’s The Parasitic mind is a terrific read. Even if you already know a lot of the stuff he’s writing about because you’ve seen him say it before, it is nice to have it all densely and poignantly written down, with examples, statistics and facts, ready to be used in the fight against modern political lunacy. Which there is so much about these days it’s hard to keep up. I agree with Gad Saad on a lot of things and we touch on similar ills in our respective works although I think professor Saad’s experience and knowledge in the field of evolutionary psychology, math, computer science, and economics makes him extraordinarily well suited to counter claims from  what they call “feminism” today, what we in Sweden call gender science – and no – I shit you not. Gender studies is a stem field in Sweden. In the social democracy of Sweden we believe in equity to such a grotesque degree that we call everything that wants to be called a science, science! Just so it doesn’t get offended or it’s feelings hurt. Saad also eloquently disproves ideas found in trans-activism and critical race theory. On top of that, having been forced to flee the Lebanese civil war as a child has given him a realistic outlook on the chanses of reconciling the tenets of Islam with western values. Gad has talked about anti-semitism and Islam as a guest of DECONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM before and you will find the link to it, and Dr Saad’s youtube-channel.


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