Flemming Rose Vs Grievance Fundamentalism

Listen to the episode CLICK HERE!

Listen to the episode CLICK HERE!

This episode of DECONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM features Danish editor and journalist Flemming Rose about his book The Tyranny of Silence. It covers the so called cartoon crisis and is an interesting case study, apart from the fatwa against Salman Rushdie probably the most interesting case study, on the attack, and what looks like the subsequent victory, against freedom of Speech in Europe and the West.  

Flemming Rose is a journalist and editor who since many years live with protection of PET – the Danish FBI – for publishing cartoons depicting the prophet Mohammed. The publication of the cartoons by the Danish paper Jyllandsposten in September of 2005 led to mass protests in the muslim world and the west with burning of Danish embassies, calls for boycott of Denmark, and attempted terrorist attacks against Flemming Rose and one of the cartoonists – Kurt Westergaard. The Tyranny of Silence is Flemming Rose’s attempt at explaining what happened. It is a book about much more than the cartoon controversy itself. It is a text about Freedom of Speech, the limits of tolerance, the importance of individualism and protection of Universal Human Rights. With those words I present Flemming Rose, enjoy!

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