Omar Makram Vs GAPF

Omar Makram visits DECONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM to talk about his recent termination from an association that battles honor culture. We will talk about how the fight against honor culture is hindered by cancel culture. Listen to THE EPISODE CLICK HERE!

Omar Makram is a special kind of person. The first time I interviewed him he had just burned a Quran, filmed it, and posted it to Youtube. All in an attempt to prove to Swedish immigration authorities that he was indeed an atheist and feared for his life if sent back to Egypt where he came from.

Since then he has gotten political asylum and has – up until very recently – worked with the association Never Forget Pela and Fadime – GAPF, against honor culture. Primarily within the large, and largely muslim, immigrant community here in Sweden.

Part of Omars work has consisted of leading workshops for high school students. Making them discuss values that emanate from practical examples of honor culture. Meaningful work that ended when Omar starting a podcast with some friends. The accusation, or accusations, against Omar are obscurely vague in a Kafkaesque way all too familiar here in Sweden.

When Omar first came, having severed his ties to his upper middle class muslim uppbringing in Egypt in search of freedom I told him he might have picked the wrong country to apply for asylum in. Since then Ive bided my time for a tremendously smug “I told you so!”. Jokes aside, to do what Omar has done – challenge and change his world view takes strength. A strength of conviction that is easy to sympathize with.

I have come to know him as a principled individual. What has happened only harms the fight against real injustice. Omar Makrams previous visits to DECONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM can be found here and here.

Here to talk about how cancel culture hinders the fight against honor culture, Omar Makram. Enjoy!

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