Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Conricus of IDF on Hamas terror

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IDF Spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Conricus joins us to talk about what is happening in Israel.


The apologists, the relativists, and the what-about-its are already out in full force. Hamas war-crimes have been celebrated in more places than the Middle East and the Muslim world.

On the streets of Western capitals and towns people have congregated to show their support for Hamas. It is not only in Swedish cities and towns that celebrations have taken place. In London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Barcelona, New York, and so on, sympathizers have been chanting what they always chant. Variations on calls for eradication of the Jewish state of Israel. While Israel is still counting its dead. Outside the Opera house in Sidney a crowd chanted gas all the Jews. Not Israelis. Jews. All of them. It is despicable but no surprise. This is what the left in the free World has always supported, and in all but lip service, still do.

Sweden, as I’ve stated before, has given most per capita to the Palestinian cause in the world. Margot Wallström, the moral vortex that was previously Sweden’s minister of foreign affairs and part of the first and only western government that has acknowledged the contested areas in Israel as a Palestinian state gives an interview in Swedish daily Svenska Dagbladet that shows a level of intellectual ineptitude that should disqualify her from any future jobs. Regardless of level of complexity.

As was always the case with her.

In the interview she blames Israel for sabotaging peace initiatives and maintains that acknowledging Palestinian statehood was the right thing to do at the time “but that there has always been a very weak leadership and a lack of will to reform and cooperate. It was incredibly frustrating the whole time”. Seemingly completely oblivious to the fact that the Palestinians were un-cooperative because they weren’t interested in her vision of a two-state solution. It never occurs to her that she has been duped, or that her Arab friends calls for the murder of Jews is anything but dark humor.

This is what it looks like when the enemies of the Jewish people get to do what they are always saying they want to do. The murder of civilians. The rapes. The torture. The burnings. The murder of infants. It is all permissible according to Hamas rules of engagement. What some politicians, journalists, and intellectuals call their right to self-defense.

The European left, and the Swedish left more than anyone not least because of Sweden’s long standing tradition of neutrality, has always claimed that they don’t take sides. Neutrality in the face of evil is always an, at least implicit, support for evil. So it was when the Swedish social democrats worked with Hitler in the lead up to, and during almost all of, the second World War. It was true during the cold war when their supposed non aligned movement always aligned with the Soviet union in the UN. As it is today, since the European left, with Sweden’s Olof Palme at the helm, when they cavort with religious fanatics. Hamas are genocidal barbarians who, in an unbroken line, are heirs to the Nazis. Quite literally, the Palestinian movement was started by Hitlers own mufti Haj Amin Al-Husseini, a part of the elite in the Muslim Brotherhood, who went on from his desk job in Berlin during the war to leading the Palestinian arabs, because back then we still acknowledged this conflict as a larger Arab Israeli conflict, in pogroms against Jews in Israel. His movement then got funded by the Soviet union during the cold war. Until todays ISIS like califate in Gaza where Hamas rules after winning the only election they ever had. The reason Abbas isn’t holding elections in Judea and Samaria is because he knows that Hamas would win if he did. Israel are not the ones holding the Palestinians prisoners. Hamas are holding their own people hostage. As well as an untold number of Israelis. The Palestinians in Judea and Samaria are being hold hostage by the holocaust denier Mahmoud Abbas. For western aid money. They are being held in camps in Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan too. As pawns in the Arab war on Israel. Why should Israel be more responsible for the Palestinian Arabs than their Arab brethren?

My point is simply that antizionism has always been antisemitism. What the left of the west has sided with has always looked like this. This time they just succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. When Iran, as it repeatedly does, says that it wants to annihilate Israel, trust that they believe what they are saying. It might be hard to comprehend for the Western poseurs that some people actually “live their truth” and that it’s not just rhetoric that fits cozily into your fantasies of revolutionary romanticism. Or some misplaced notion of Rosseaus idea about noble savages.

If you, as Margot Wallström, Jeremy Corbyn, and myriad of other European leaders and intellectuals can’t tell the difference between civilization and utter barbarism then you should file for moral bankruptcy. As you should have done a long time ago. If you like the Swedish left victim blame Israel for this attack and call for “a free and democratic Palestine from the river to the see” then you are living in a fantasy world so far from reality that you might as well be in a parallel universe that is the opposite of ours. There are no free and democratic Arab countries. They do not exist.

That has always been the case. If you’re too intellectually lazy, too cowardly, or a combination of the two to condemn this attack unequivocally than you are, if not evil yourself, at least evils useful idiot.

Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Conricus has been a guest of the podcast before. At that point he had just retired. Now he is reinstated in the IDF and we will get a chance to discuss what has happened and where the situation stands now. The time of recording is 01.30 Swedish time on October eleventh 2023 and tensions are brewing on the border of Israel and Lebanon and Israels border with Syria. With those words I present IDF spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Conricus.

Thank you for listening to #DEKONSTRUKTIVKRITIK DECONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. This episode hosted IDF spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Conricus. I didn’t have time for all my questions but I’m grateful for the time I got and hope to speak with Jonnathan again. Follow IDF on instagram for more information in real time. And as Lt Cl Conricus just said. When the pictures released by Hamas of their dead now starts spreading in western media that this blood is also their doing. It is what they wanted all along. They gladly sacrifice their own children to kill ours.

If you want to help support the IDF here is a link to Friends of IDF where you can make donations, on my web page in the description of this episode.

I am Aron Flam. Until next, have a good unit of time.

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